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The Rensselaer Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1896, making it one of the oldest continually operating volunteer fire departments in the state of Indiana. In the 1950's, the Rensselaer Fire Department combined services with the Marion Township Fire Department to provide more efficient coverage for all residents. All City of Rensselaer and Marion Township fire fighting equipment is housed in the fire station located at the corner of Harrison and Cullen Streets, across from the courthouse square. 
RVFD 2012
Kenny Haun Jr., Chief
Wade Shuey, Deputy Chief & Treasurer
Robert Graves, Asst. Chief
Randy Denton, Captain
Greg Leuck, Lieutenant
In 2003, The City of Rensselaer Fire Department joined with the Keener, Remington and Wheatfield fire departments, to form the Jasper County Firefighters Association. This association was formed so that all of the departments could work more closely together to provide better coverage to all of Jasper County. In 2005 this association, with the generous financial support of businesses and individuals, purchased a "state of the art" fire and severe weather safety trailer. This trailer contains all of the necessary functionality to simulate a fire, as well as severe weather conditions, in a controlled atmosphere. Used as various functions throughout Jasper County, this trailer provides a valuable means for training both children and adults alike.